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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy, heretofore referred to as the “”Policy,”" defines how, also known as “”we,”" “”us”" or “”the Site,”" can collect, store and use information provided by our visitors, readers and players, also known as “”you”" or the “”Users.”"

The Site is designed for Users who are over the age of 15, and using the Site and its features, or the “”Services,”" means that you agree to the terms in this Policy. If you disagree with the terms in any form, you do not have permission to read, access or otherwise use the Site or its Services. If you’re below the age of 15, you must obtain permission from a guardian who has read this Policy before you use, read or access the Site.

In the event this Policy changes, we will make efforts to update this document and notify known Users. We are neither liable nor responsible for Users who don’t take the time to familiarize themselves with any Policy changes or fail to understand the terms.

What Information Does This Policy Cover?

Users can access a number of Services via the Site, such as games, reviews, blogs, comments and advertisements. When they do, they may be asked to provide information that could be used to identify them personally.

The information we ask for may vary depending on your age and how you wish to use the Site and its Services. While we do permit anonymous usage of the site, we reserve the right to restrict such usage. When we know our users are below the age of 15 or legal minors, we reserve the right to limit their usage, the content they can access and the information they can share with us or other Users.

The Kinds of Data We Request

The information we ask for might include, but is not limited to, legal names, email addresses, birth dates and general geographic locations. We may also request that you create user names and passwords for our Services and provide such information to us so that we can identify you internally.

Protecting Your Personal Data

We store the previous data in encrypted formats to keep it as safe as possible. For Users who are below 15 or legal minors, we limit the data we keep to the minimum needed to register their accounts. None of the above data is shared with our partners unless it’s been thoroughly scrubbed to remove all information that could potentially be connected back to individual Users.

The Kinds of Data We Create

As Users access the site, we may create private profiles for our internal use. This information might include a range of functional data, such as typical login times, favorite games and blogs, game scores and play histories. It can also incorporate technical data, like your IP address, the links you followed to reach the Site, the type of browser or operating system you use, the kind of smartphone or computer hardware you access the site with, and the location or timezone of the server you connect from.

Sharing Generated Data

This information is stored using encryption and other safety measures, and it’s stored in such a fashion to minimize the possibility that it might be connected back to you personally. We may, at our exclusive discretion, decide to share this information with our partners and affiliates so that we can:

Engage in targeted advertising,
Perform market research,
Build our user base, or
Analyze the performance and popularity of the Site.

When we share data with third parties, such as the partners who create the ads we host on our site, we take precautions to keep Users safe. We are not responsible, however, for any improper, negligent or intentional actions taken by our partners with regards to such data, and Users agree that neither nor its operators are liable for any outcomes or any form of losses that may result from such actions or incidents.

Generated Data You Need to Protect

To improve the Site’s functionality, we may also store some data on your computer or device. This data may include browser cookies, bookmarks and local storage data, like game levels or save progress. It’s up to you to maintain your device in a manner that keeps this information safe and prevents other people from accessing it to find out about your behaviors, as we have no control over what you do with your devices.

The Kinds of Data You Can Share

We may also permit our users to share information that enhances their experience of the Site. This data can include things like avatar images, user nicknames, account flair, and comments on blogs, in games or in chat-enabled Services. Users below the age of 15 may be prohibited from using or accessing these sharing features at our sole discretion, but they are completely voluntary for those we decide to grant access.

Protecting Voluntarily Shared Data

Like the other types of personally-identifiable data we collect, this information is stored as securely as possible. It is never shared with outside parties without being scrubbed of personally-identifying information, and we rarely engage in such sharing. For instance, we reserve the right to use blog comments to analyze reader sentiment with the assistance of our marketing partners, but we are committed to anonymizing these comments first.

The Kinds of Data We Don’t Store

In some cases, we offer Services or exclusive features for pay. While Users are under no obligation to make purchases, those who elect to use such services will be asked to enter some form of payment information.

We may also permit users to connect their profiles from external sites, such as Facebook, Disqus and other social media venues, at our exclusive discretion. This is completely voluntary, but it may require that you enter your login credentials.

In the above cases, we do not retain your logins or payment data in our system. Instead, we work with the payment processor, social network or other service to transmit your encrypted data to them via secure embedded technologies. We agree never to store this kind of information on our own servers.

Other Forms of Data Sharing We Practice

In some cases, we may find it advisable to share your data with third parties, like the police or emergency services. We retain the right to make this decision at our sole discretion.

Our reasons for such data sharing may include circumstances like our being commanded by court orders, subpoenas, warrants or ongoing investigations. You also agree that we can share information with official government entities and investigators if we believe that doing so is in the best interests of the general public or helps us protect other Users. We can also share with our legal teams and technical support staff if we deem it necessary to prosecute individuals or improve the Site’s functionality. For more information about our privacy policy visit this link